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In his capacity as internationally renowned dermatologist and allergologist, Prof. Kristian Reich, M.D. helped co-develop the skinicer® REPAIR CARE series. In 2003, he was awarded the Herbert-Herxheimer research award from the German Society for Immunology and Allergology for his research.

Prof. Kristian Reich, M.D. was born in 1965. He studied German language and literature, philosophy and human medicine in Freiburg and Munich. He completed the clinical education at the University hospitals in Munich, Bern, London, Tübingen and Göttingen and the immunology courses in Munich, Los Angeles, Boston and Tübingen.

Dr. Reich was awarded his doctorate in Munich. After passing the examination as a medical specialist (Göttingen) he earned the qualification as a university lecturer in the field of immunodermatology. He was subsequently appointed as managing senior physician and university professor at the Göttingen University Centre for Dermatology. His teaching and research focus is on immunology, allergology and oncology. In 2003, Prof. Reich received the Herbert-Herxheimer research award from the German Society for Immunology and Allergology.

He is practicing medicine as a partner at the Dermatologikum Hamburg, with a focus on general dermatology, psoriasis, autoimmune disorders, neurodermatitis and allergology.

„The skinicer® Repair Care series was developed specifically for problematic skin. It represents an entirely novel skin care principle, combining a lasting improvement of the cellular vitality, i.e., the skin’s ability to regenerate, with the ultra-efficient protection against harmful microbial influences. These effects are vital for the improvement of many conditions involving problematic skin and are based on a new patented active extract from microalgae, which is supplemented with other selected natural ingredients. 

Because an unrestricted oxygen supply is important for the effectiveness of the complex of active ingredients, I recommend that the treated skin areas subsequently not be covered with other skin care products or cosmetics. If the use of other products is inevitable in the daily routine, they should not be used earlier than 30 minutes after the application of the skinicer® products“

Prof. Kristian Reich / interview conducted on 9 May 2010 in Reinbek

Anke Niederau is a certified physician assistant, medical podiatrist (1989), podologist (2004) and healthcare educator (2005). Until 2005, she was working as a lecturer at the Düsseldorf Chamber of Crafts for medical podiatry and until 2006, she was a teacher at the vocational college for podology of the Deaconess Institute at Kaiserswerth. Later, she pursued continuing education for “foot reflexology“ and as podologist specialising in diabetic foot problems from the DDG [German Diabetes Association] (2004). Since 2007, the author has been working as freelance lecturer in various schools for podologists and podiatrists and since 2012, as lecturer and examiner at a school for podiatry in Istanbul and St. Petersburg. Anke Niederau has been working as an independent medical podiatrist since 1990.

„Professional medical foot care without the use of Spirularin products for many problematic areas of the feet and nails is virtually unthinkable for me. The results are simply extraordinary. All patients with diabetes and even clients at risk of an MRSA infection benefit from it.“ 

Ästhetische Dermatologie 12/2013, Produkt des Jahres 2013, Anke Niederau, Düsseldorf [Journal of Aesthetic Dermatology, 12/2013, product of the year 2013, Anke Niederau, Düsseldorf]

Prof. Deniz Tasdemir is a pharmacist and professor for chemistry of marine natural products at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Oceanic Research in Kiel. She is the director of both the chemistry of marine natural products research unit as well as the Kiel Active Ingredient Centre (KiWiZ). She has more than 20 years of experience in active ingredient research, analytical chemistry and bioassay development for a broad range of natural products, with a special interest in high throughput screening and extraction, metabolite profiling, substance recognition, purification and structural elucidation of marine natural products. Her research focuses on the development of new anticancer and anti-infective drugs and the identification of high-quality natural ingredients for dietary and cosmetic products in marine raw materials. She is an active member in the executive boards and standing committees of several associations of researchers on natural products and has authored nearly 100 publications, book chapters and several patents. Prof. Tasdemir has won several awards in recognition of her contribution to the chemistry of natural products, such as the silver medal from the ETH [Swiss Federal Institute of Technology] Zurich,  the Pierre-Fabre award (from the Phytochemical Society of Europe, 2004) and the Egon-Stahl silver medal (from the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research, 2005). She is collaborating in a number of national and international projects, including application-related, industry-sponsored academic and contract research.

Dr. Antje Labes is a researcher at the GEOMAR Centre, with a focus on the biotechnology of marine natural products. As an accomplished microbiologist, she is in charge of the biotechnological responsibilities at the  Kiel Active Ingredient Centre (KiWiZ). Her research focuses on the biology of marine fungi and the biotechnological sustainable manufacture of marine natural products. During her academic career, she has been involved in many projects in the field of blue biotechnology, which have laid the foundation for a powerful network of cooperation partners throughout Europe and around the world. This included interactions with SMEs and the industry, resulting in a regional network of marine biotechnology in Northern Germany. One of her most important applied fields of research are new raw materials for cosmetic products.