Company history

  1. 2015

    JACI publishes results of PROTECT trial – breakthrough for cold sore sufferers

    Spiralin® awarded as Active Ingredient of the Year 2015 in Aesthetic Dermatology

    Scent optimisation of the skinicer® Repair Care product line

    Development of a sales organisation in currently more than 20 export markets in collaboration with partner companies abroad 

  2. 2014

    Granting of a patent for the active extract from microalgae, Spiralin

    Integration of Spiralin into the Oxyperm nail polish formulations

    ‘Product of the year 2014‘ award for the skinicer product line in the Journal of Aesthetic Dermatology

  3. 2013

    Introduction of the first Oxyperm nail polish: first oxygen-permeable cosmetic nail polish for damaged nails

    Integration of Spiralin as new active extract from microalgae with extended therapeutic spectrum in all Spirularin and skinicer products

    Product of the year 2013 award for the Spirularin product line in the Journal of Aesthetic Dermatology

  4. 2012

    Introduction of skinicer® Sedative Shampoo, Spirularin® Gel and Spirularin® Mousse with active microalgae protection. Introduction of the ocean pharma - products with partners in Ireland, Poland and Norway.

    ‘Company of the year 2012‘ award for ocean pharma in the Journal of Aesthetic Dermatology based on the unique active extract from microalgae, Spiralin, and the innovative product lines based on it 

  5. 2011

    Introduction of other products in the Spirularin® portfolio as well as Bone Conditioner tablets as dietary supplements for osteoporosis.

  6. 2010

    Introduction of the skinicer® Repair Care and Spirularin® VS product lines in Germany

  7. 2009

    Installation of the intrusion flow moulder for temperature-sensitive active ingredients in the in-house production

  8. 2008

    Introduction of hair & nails capsules

    Establishment of a sales organisation in Turkey, in cooperation with Kammani Cosmetics/ Istanbul

    Successful upscaling of the colloidal creatine Creamorph™ by means of the patented intrusion flow moulding method

  9. 2007

    Introduction of the topical Vet line based on microalgae, in cooperation with Riemser Arzneimittel AG

    Start of the distribution in Switzerland in cooperation with Keller AG/ Burgdorf

  10. 2005

    Introduction of the CuraMar® product line with a first extract from microalgae

    Introduction of mussel extract

  11. 2004

    to 2005: succession of generation - Patrick Günther and Jörg Keimes become new managing partners. Development and production of a first batch of a natural cholesterol reducing drug on the basis of Sitosterin for a start-up company

    Acquisition of the intrusion moulding patent for creatine from BASF AG.

  12. 1986

    Use of Glucomanose, a pure natural ingredient of the Japanese Konjac plant, as an efficient weight reducing substance and successful launch of the brand “1-2-3 Schlank“.

  13. 1982

    Development of the “Winterizing“ method for the gentle separation of omega 3 fatty acids from undesirable fatty acids in cooperation with Norwegian fishermen and development of the first omega 3 products for the European market.

  14. 1979

    Introduction of “Muschel-Vit“.

  15. 1978

    Establishment of the company by Christian Günther. First introduction of the green-lipped mussel from New Zealand as natural product in Europe.