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The skinicer® Repair Care line was specially developed for problematic skin on the face and neck. Its remarkable efficacy is based on the broad therapeutic spectrum of the patented active extract from microalgae, Spiralin®, with its natural antibacterial, antiviral and cell-regenerative properties1,2. Combined with high-quality nurturing plant substances and natural oils, the special care system achieves extraordinary results in a variety of problematic skin conditions. The clinical development of the problematic skin care line was overseen by Prof. Kristian Reich/ Dermatologikum Hamburg. The results are impressive, because skinicer®, naturally!

A basic care regimen with skinicer® Repair Cleanser and skinicer® Repair Serum is recommended for oily skin. For dry or combination skin, we recommend using skinicer® Repair Cleanser and skinicer® Repair Cream as basic care. To achieve the best possible results, the two basic care combinations can be supplemented with active substance-based stimulating skin care using the skinicer® Repair Mask.

In a one-month application study of 20 subjects with neurodermitis with particularly sensitive skin, who were part of a neurodermitis support group, 15 rated the skinicer® care for problematic skin as being superior compared to previously known skin care products, while 5 rated skinicer® as being equivalent.3

In 2014, the skinicer® Repair Care line received the ‘Product of the year 2014‘ award in the Journal of Aesthetic Dermatology.  

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