Prof. Dr. med. Kristian Reich

In his capacity as internationally renowned dermatologist and allergologist, Prof. Kristian Reich, M.D. helped co-develop the skinicer® REPAIR CARE series. In 2003, he was awarded the Herbert-Herxheimer research award from the German Society for Immunology and Allergology for his research.

Prof. Kristian Reich, M.D. was born in 1965. He studied German language and literature, philosophy and human medicine in Freiburg and Munich. He completed the clinical education at the University hospitals in Munich, Bern, London, Tübingen and Göttingen and the immunology courses in Munich, Los Angeles, Boston and Tübingen.

Dr. Reich was awarded his doctorate in Munich. After passing the examination as a medical specialist (Göttingen) he earned the qualification as a university lecturer in the field of immunodermatology. He was subsequently appointed as managing senior physician and university professor at the Göttingen University Centre for Dermatology. His teaching and research focus is on immunology, allergology and oncology. In 2003, Prof. Reich received the Herbert-Herxheimer research award from the German Society for Immunology and Allergology.

He is practicing medicine as a partner at the Dermatologikum Hamburg, with a focus on general dermatology, psoriasis, autoimmune disorders, neurodermatitis and allergology.

„The skinicer® Repair Care series was developed specifically for problematic skin. It represents an entirely novel skin care principle, combining a lasting improvement of the cellular vitality, i.e., the skin’s ability to regenerate, with the ultra-efficient protection against harmful microbial influences. These effects are vital for the improvement of many conditions involving problematic skin and are based on a new patented active extract from microalgae, which is supplemented with other selected natural ingredients. 

Because an unrestricted oxygen supply is important for the effectiveness of the complex of active ingredients, I recommend that the treated skin areas subsequently not be covered with other skin care products or cosmetics. If the use of other products is inevitable in the daily routine, they should not be used earlier than 30 minutes after the application of the skinicer® products“

Prof. Kristian Reich / interview conducted on 9 May 2010 in Reinbek